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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Countdown Begins!

Welcome, from the Minnesota Climbing Co-op!



Hey fellow climbers – if you haven't already heard, there's a new climbing Co-op forming in the Twin Cities. And we're so excited we just couldn't wait to tell you all about it!

First off, we want to thank all of you who have joined our mission on Facebook and become followers on the blog; and a special thanks to the climbers who came out strong for the Pension For Tension fundraising competition in July. Everyone's support has really been encouraging in this effort.

If you haven't heard about the Co-op yet...here's your chance!

Your gym, My gym, OUR gym...

This won’t be your typical climbing gym. The term Co-op stands for cooperative; that means everyone working together for the greater good. That is the core foundation of our group. Every member will own a share of this gym's success; and every member will benefit from the great climbing atmosphere.

Our goal is to create a climbing gym, built by climbers, run by climbers, that caters directly to climbers. Initially, this will be a bouldering gym, but we intend to expand to ropes as the popularity of the gym grows. We want to establish a positive environment with a great sense of community that really builds the sport, and provides the opportunity to train and develop alongside some of the best climbers around.

Some of our gym’s highlights will include:

· Convenient, centralized location near the U of M

· 24/7 access for members

· A say in how your gym is run

· Membership dividends

· 4000+ square foot facility

· All levels of climbing offered (beginner to advanced)

· Open hours to bring friends/non-members climbing

· Positive, inspiring and fun social scene

Co-op, here we come!

In September, we will formally and legally establish the Co-op.

Right now we have an interim board of directors, made up of committed climbers that meet regularly, who are working out all the details so that we can build the best climbing experience for you. We've written a comprehensive set of bylaws and laid the groundwork for the organization of the Co-op that will soon be approved by our lawyer and ratified by everyone who decides to become a member.

We just found a great space right near the U of M that we think is perfect! After the Co-op is officially entitled, we can lease the location, start building the walls, and prepare for our anticipated January 2011 grand opening!

Make a commitment, make a difference...

Since this is a Co-op, we need people who are committed to building something great together, and that means we need everyone to consider making a financial commitment to the Co-op. We need an estimated $35,000 to build the gym. And until we know how much you can contribute, we can't move forward.

If you are interested in this one-of-a-kind gym experience, we ask that you take an earnest look at your personal finances and make a conscientious investment in your climbing future. If you can only afford to become a regular member and buy the annual membership (the cost of which will depend on the number of people who join), that's great! We're excited to have you!! But if you can also be an investor in the Co-op, you'll be the ones who make this vision a reality.

The beauty of the Co-op structure is that those who invest in it will have their investment returned as the gym grows. We want to be honest with you, so that you understand the risk involved in pursuing an endeavor like this. But we will do everything in our power to pay back your investment in a timely manner, as long as it's financially responsible for the Co-op to do so.

Think about it...if just 35 of us could commit to investing $1000 each, we could build an awesome wall 60' wide by 12' tall in a great location.

Climbing + Sharing = Co-op!

...that's our motto. This Co-op is going to be a great place where you can climb strong and share the experience with others in a unique gym that is built specifically for you!

Does this sound like the kind of place you want to climb? It’s easy to join…

Membership – To be added to our members list, please send your name, address, and phone number to mnboulderingcoop@gmail.com. This is a non-binding list, but we want to know if you're on board today! This way we can keep you up to date on important meetings and happenings within the Co-op. Membership dues are still being calculated, but we're estimating around $50 a month to start. It all depends on how many of you want in - the more who join, the cheaper it gets!

Investment – There is absolutely no obligation to invest, but remember we can't build this Co-op without your help. Along with your membership info, please include a dollar amount that you could pledge to this cause (again, non-binding) so that we can determine how much total investment we have. The amount you pledge is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone else. The Co-op has already gotten $11,000 pledged, but we need to hit that $35,000 mark!

Stay Connected

Check out our blog: http://blog.mnclimbingcoop.com and become a follower or visit our Facebook page: http://tinyurl.com/mnclimbingcoop

Stay Tuned!

Occupation in October – the next Co-op fundraising competition is slated for Saturday, October 16th. Check the blog soon for more details!

Get ready for our January 2011 grand opening!

Thank you so much,

The Minnesota Climbimg Co-op