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Friday, December 16, 2011

Soft Tissue Demo at the Co-op!

Fellow Co-op member and doctor of chiropractic Dr. Chris Hanson will be providing a demonstration of his unique instrument assisted soft tissue therapy on Monday, January 16. Dr. Hanson specializes in treating overuse and athletic injuries such as ankle sprains, tendinitis of the elbows and fingers, plantar fascitis, rotator cuff injuries, scar tissue and neck and back pain. If you have any of these injuries and would like an example demonstration as well as a chance to ask questions of a chiropractor, join us on Monday, January 16 from 7-8 pm.

Additional Notes:
  • Soft tissue demonstration is FREE and open to everyone.
  • Dress appropriately as the area being worked on will need to be exposed.
  • Each person will have 5-7 minutes of time to meet with Dr. Hanson D.C.
  • Each person will be seen one at a time.
  • For more information contact info@mnclimbingcoop.com

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