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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Co-Op Cleaning: Get you some soap

Greetings Co-Op Members,

Call me a sucker or call me a saint, but I've decided to try and coordinate some semblance of a cleaning schedule to keep the Co-Op tip-top and squeaky clean.  This message is to inform you about the schedule and process I intend on initiating.  If you have no interest in participating in any cleaning or cleanliness you are dismissed...go take a bath.

You're still interested?  Good for you.  You're a better person for it.  Continue on.

First: A white board calendar will be located on the north side of the gym nearest the storage area and 60 degree wall.  It will have two weeks listed out and a key (you remember geography, right?) at the bottom of cleaning activities.  If something clearly needs to be done, such as vacuuming, knock yourself out and do it.  When you're done go to the white board and note what you've done.  Put your name if it will make you feel better to get credit.  I'll give you a pat on the back and Buddha, Flying Spaghetti Monster, or your favorite deity will give you positive karma.  Resume climbing.  If you have time or want to clean something but have no idea what needs to be done consult this board to see what, if anything, has been done recently.  Choose something that hasn't been done in a while and have at it.  Mark it on the white board as mentioned above.  Resume climbing.  My goal is to have everything on the list done at least once every two weeks. 

The list includes: Vacuum Carpet
Sweep and/or Mop concrete floor
Wipe down flat surfaces (desk, exercise equipment)
Shoe organization
Storage area organization
Clean sink
Resume climbing

ADD Summary:1)  Clean something
2)  Mark on white board (near 60 degree wall)
3)  Feel better about your existence
4)  Resume climbing 

Second: This is yet to be seen but I would like to do a thorough clean twice a year.  Maybe spring and fall.  Clean off all those dusty surfaces, clean out cubbies, last chance on the lost and found items, clean out the cobwebs.  Details on that TBA.

Third:  This is more of an informational piece but I think you should know to help you sleep easier.  Myself or Micah are going to take the hand towels home once a week and wash them.  

This is a new thing so I'm sure there should be things added or removed.  If you have questions/suggestions feel free to email me, logan.mitton@gmail.com or you can just send me inappropriate pictures at work labeled "adorable kitten, safe for work".  Gets me every time.  I guess that kind of answers the sucker or saint debate.

Look at that, I've come full circle and segued right into a conclusion.  Thank you for your time.  Let's all make the Co-Op CLEAN!...I mean, a fun and positive place to climb.


Logan "put a little elbow grease soap into it" Mitton
Climbing Club since 'aught 5
Co-Op member since '11

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