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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meeting Location

The May 15th meeting will be hosted by me & Kris in our backyard. We'll be voting on some very important issues, so if you want a say in things, you'd better be there! We'll be deciding if we want to be an LLC or actual Co-op. We will then be nominating a "board or directors" to continue the process through some of the finer, legal issues. We will also be spending some time talking about our bylaws and what they should be. If you need directions, please email me @ lynnj13@gmail.com or call my cell 651-208-6318.

If it's not raining, we'll climb on our wall after the meeting!

Bring a lawn chair to sit on, we only have about 6 of our own!!!

Time to get this train out of the station!!

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