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Monday, June 28, 2010

Naming Rights

At the last board meeting, we narrowed the list of names down for the gym. The name of our gym is important for several reasons...it's what you call it when you're telling someone else about how cool it is to climb there...it becomes slang and interchangeable with the Co-Op...and it looks damn good on a t-shirt!

So take a look, here's our top 10, in no particualar order. Pretty soon there's gonna be a way that you can vote for your top three here. Then the board will verify all the legal crap and you will be able to tell all your friends to climb there. Check back soon...

* House of Problems
* The Factory
* City Crag
* The Crash Pad
* Betamax
* DropNE
* The Rockery
* The Projects
* Twin Cities Climbing Center
* MN Climbing Co-Op

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