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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Build Out...

To get the build out going, our plan of action is to start by building the support tower, then once the lumber is delivered, put up the support beams, and frame in the basic structure. We've given Kris Johnson the daunting task of guiding the build out process and making sure everything is built to specification, and that we have all the supplies we need to stay on track. Kris is the man.

Thanks to everyone for the community feedback regarding the wall build-out plans.

We've received lots of great feedback from members, access pass holders and other interested climbers and it's been extremely helpful. Based on feedback, structural restrictions, and the amount of investment money we have available for the build-out, we've made some adjustments to our initial build-out designs.

We are now planning on ...
  • moving the 60° and 50° walls around.
  • smoothing out some of the transitions to reduce right angles.
  • moving the cave opening to the front of the tower and opening up the cave wall next to the 45° to allow for exit points on two sides
  • Building a stalactite feature to utilize the support for the corner of the cave
  • Angling the top-outs to make them more interesting than flat surfaces
  • Opening up the side walls of the 50° and 60°.
  • A prow feature on the corner of the tower.

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