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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Operation City Approval, Success!

The kind folks at the Minneapolis permit office have approve our change of occupancy to "assembly" and issued a permit to build. We now have our building permit from the City of Lakes. The Bohm building management team has started the process of replacing the industrial sliding door with double doors that can tie into our keycard system. They have requested that no one be in the space while they are working on the doors so they can maintain a safe work area, and we will oblige. After the doors are installed, we can start building.

With this knowledge, we are wholly confident that we will be open by April 1st, 2011!

We have had an overwhelming amount of offers from people who are excited to help out with the build-out. Your support is greatly appreciated! We are specifically looking for people with building skills and experience. If you have either of those please let us know. We are planning on getting a calendar up on line to let people know when we will be working on the build, and what phase.

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