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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grand Opening and Rock Art showing!

Hello MNCC members and friends,

Please join us on May 20th for a Grand Opening reception from 5-10pm during Art-A-Whirl. Food and beverages will be provided and you can view our first annual MNCC Rock Art photography show. We are still taking submissions of photography through May 13th at midnight and you can find more details here. Open Climbing is in effect during the reception and all weekend during Art-A-Whirl if you aren't a member (Saturday noon-8pm, Sunday noon-5pm). Of course if you are a member you can always climb regardless of Open Hours! Hope we see you there,

-The MNCC Board


  1. This is just fantastic. Well, we also hosted a business party at some local Seattle venues and it also turned out to be just fantastic. The arrangements were truly fabulous and they were just provided by the venue itself.

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