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Saturday, December 4, 2010

250 Bucks for a Whole Year?!

That's right folks. We've re-ran our numbers and boy-o-boy do we have a deal for you!

We will be able to offer one year passes for $250 for a limited time. If you miss the first deal, you'll be able to get a pass for $270 for a limited time after that. If you miss both of those, then you'll be able to get a pass at the standard rate of $350 per year, or $60 per month.

Just to make sure this is absolutely clear:
  • $250, 1 Year Access Pass on sale January 1st - January 16th 2011
  • $270, 1 Year Access Pass on sale January 17th - January 31st 2011
  • $350, 1 Year Access Pass anytime after that
  • $60, 1 Month Access Pass anytime after that
If you did not purchase a one-time membership for $20 (probably at the comp) you'll need to purchase one at the time you get your access pass. It's just like the one-time membership fee to REI. Buy it once, and you're good for as long as you frequent the Gym.

Because the access passes will go on sale before our build out is complete, we will hold all of the money in escrow and we will not spend it until the we pass inspection and the doors are officially opened. If anything should possibly happen where we are unable to open the gym, 100% of your money you spent on that access pass will be refunded to you. We certainly thought of everything, didn't we?

Where can you purchase your pass (and membership if you need one)? We'll have a few options for you. We are planning to have a showing at the new space during the first two week of the sale and you'll be able to purchase one in person then. We'll also be able to buy one from at least one of the board members in person, we'll figure out the details on that soon. We also will have an online PayPal purchasing option for those who would rather buy their membership in front of the warm glow of the computer screen. Now because PayPal charges us 3%, we'll be passing that fee on to you if you so choose to purchase your pass that way. If you don't want to pay the extra 3%, you can contact us and we'll figure out how you can get a check to us.

More details to come...

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  1. Hey who would I get in touch with to help build? I am currently a jobless looser so I have plenty of time to donate but not a lot of money.