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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Climbing, Legos, Art, and Discount Passes!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 8th, from 4-7 pm as we will be hosting an open house event in the Thorp space. A number of local artists will have their work on display for sale at the event. Why the 8th you ask? Well the 8th just so happens to fall within the two weeks we are having our limited time sale for access passes at the $250 mark. That way you'll be able to purchase a pass, hang out with friends, check out the space, see if you can find any art that sparks your interest, and see the enormous lego collection!

What? Lego collection. Why yes! Our neighbors at Brick World happen to have a very large lego collection. Lynn made a video of the enormous collection while viewing our space a while back, and it is entertaining and impressive. The lego collection is open from noon to 4pm, which happens to be right before our open house event, which goes from 4pm to 7pm. So come early, check out the legos, and then head on over to the MN Climbing Coop space!

As there will be art, and climbing passes for sale, don't forget to bring your checkbooks! If you want to send your check with a friend, we'll update the post with all the information you'll need to send along.

A note regarding the purchase of access passes: All money from the sale of access passes will go into a escrow account and will only be spent on running costs once the gym officially opens it's doors. This means that if the Gym does not open by July 1st, 2011, all of your money you spent on your 1 year access pass will be returned to you by August 1st. Once the gym does open it's doors, your pass will be good for one year from the date the doors open.

If you are interested in contributing money to help us get our doors open, as this is not part of the 1 year pass sale, please use the "Donate" button on our blog, or on our website. If you have questions about contributing to the MN Climbing Co-op, please contact one of the board members, or send an email to info at mnclimbingcoop dot com and we can help you out.

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